Top 5 celebrity fish

Poker attracts some famous people but they’re not all naturals at the great game…

1 Matt Damon

Matt Damon played poker hero Mike McDermott in Rounders but his poker skills leave much to be desired when there is no script. Damon took part in the 2009 WSOP and, after flopping a full house, gives one of the worst acting jobs in poker history. 

2 Chuck Liddell

Former UFC champion Chuck ‘The Iceman’ Liddell provided a masterclass in how not to act with a big hand when he played in the 2008 WSOP Main Event. 

3 Adam Rodriguez

CSI: Miami star Adam Rodriguez can’t solve the mystery in this hand from god-awful American show Celebrity Poker Showdown. Watch as he spectacularly fails to grasp the meaning of the words ‘call’, ‘raise’ and ‘all-in’ and is eliminated on the very first hand. Now that’s a crime scene.  

4 Neville Southall

Goalkeeping legend Neville Southall went down in poker folklore with what may well be the funniest hand ever broadcast on TV. Big Nev was heads-up against USA international Carlos Bocanegra when fireworks broke out. 

5 Jennifer Tilly

One WSOP bracelet and $891k in winnings later, Jennifer Tilly still can’t shake off this hand. Holding pocket Jacks on a T-J-7-K-K board Tilly checks behind and says to Patrik Antonius, ‘I thought you had pocket Kings.’ One day we’ll forget about it Jennifer. One day… 


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