Top 5: Rubdowns

Good etiquette is expected at the poker table, but it’s not always there…

1. Jamie Gold v Mike McDonald

An 18-year-old Mike McDonald gets a rude awakening from Jamie Gold at the inaugural WSOPE in 2007. Timex gets the money in good, with J-J versus 3-3 on a T-4-7 flop, before a sickening Three on the turn KOs McDonald. Gold proudly proclaims, ‘That’s what you get for calling with Jacks’, to general confusion all-round.

2. David ‘Viffer’ Peat v Phil Hellmuth

Hellmuth’s A-K looks in good shape on the K-7-3 flop but a Nine on the turn hits Viffer’s K-9. As the Poker Brat puts on his jacket Peat is only too happy to shout out, ‘9-ball! Corner pocket!’ Cue table mirth.

3. Phil Gordon v Erick Lindgren

After a bluff by Erick Lindgren goes awry on Poker After Dark the hand appears to be over. However, Phil Gordon can’t resist rubbing it in by critiquing Erick’s play. It’s a move Gordon probably regrets to this day.

4. Tony G v Surinder Sunar

The worst infraction by G-Man comes after he bluffs Sunar in a big pot: ‘I’m going to rip you apart so hard and you are going to suffer so much you will never want to play poker with me again!’ Indeed.

5. Tom Dwan v Peter Eastgate

Ordinarily, winning a $175k pot would be cause for celebration but Tom Dwan makes Peter Eastgate look foolish in this hand. Proof that gentle humiliation can be the best, and most painful, rubdown.

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