Unibet UK Poker Tour: Big guarantees, friendly atmosphere and low buy-ins

The UK’s newest low-stakes tour is tearing up the best casinos in town – win your €500 package in our exclusive freeroll

Unibet was one of the first major online poker sites to ban HUDs and third-party software in a bid to make the game fun again for recreational players. If you’re a micro-stakes grinder you’re probably already playing on the Unibet site. If not, you should be. Low rake, the ability to change your screen name, and the fact that you’re not being targetted by players with an unfair advantage combine to give you a much better chance of winning or holding onto your bankroll.

Now, Unibet is trying to recreate the same player-friendly experience in the live arena. The Unibet UK Poker Tour is part way through its first season. Each leg on the tour offers a £40k-guaranteed Main Event with a great structure, for a modest £220 buy-in. As well as the guarantee, Unibet is adding extra value to the pot with two €2k Unibet Open packages up for grabs – one for the winner and one for the online qualifier who lasts the longest.

The next leg takes place June 3-5 at the Rendezvous Casino in Brighton, host of the successful first leg, and it’s set to be the biggest and best of Season 1. If you haven’t played live yet this is a great chance to play a friendly tournament for serious money. Don’t be intimidated at the thought of playing at this level. Unibet staff are on hand at every event to make sure everyone feels welcome no matter what their level of play, and the dealers have been instructed to be as forgiving as possible.

Curtis Lambert won the first leg in Brighton for £11k in only his sixth live cash. As part of his prize he got to test his game at a higher level in the Unibet Open in London. You can see how he got on here, with video footage of his rather unfortunate exit hand!

European union

Unibet has also got some exciting plans for the future of the tour. We spoke to David Pomroy, Poker Marketing Manager at Unibet, who confirmed that the tour might well expand to take in Europe in Season 2 with the unique possibility of running Day 1s in multiple countries before getting the remaining players together in one location to play to the trophy.

Before that though, the first season of the UK Tour concludes with stops in Brighton (June), Glasgow (October) and Manchester (December). We’re heading down to Brighton for the next leg, so we’ll hopefully see you there.

If the £220 buy-in is too rich for your bankroll you can qualify online from as little as €1. Daily feeders (€1, €4 and €25) run into the €100 UK Tour finals where you’ll have a decent one-in-five shot at winning a €500 package, which includes buy-in and expenses.

If you don’t have a Unibet account yet you can sign up through this link to get a £10 cash game ticket and a €4 UK Tour qualifier ticket for free.

We’re also running two exclusive PokerPlayer tournaments, one freeroll (click here to get the password now!) and one €5 buy-in, with one €500 UK Poker Tour package added in each.

To qualify online for the Unibet UK Poker tour you need to have a Unibet account which you can open by clicking here.

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