VIDEO: Norwegian poker player strips down to her bikini after losing a prop bet. Poker world stares…

We’ll be honest here at – today’s news story is not a classy one. In fact, one could say it’s designed purely to encourage you to click on the picture of the attractive lady in a bikini. We’ll let you be the judge of that… 

Nevertheless, the Norwegian Poker Championships, currently being contested in that famous Norwegian city called Dublin (!), hit the poker headlines this week for a spectacle that had nothing to do with cards, chips and 5-bet bluffs. Popular Norwegian player Karin Bruteig lost a prop bet to a fellow Norwegian player. Her punishment? She was forced to play out Day 1 of the event dressed only in her itsy bitsy sky blue bikini. 

Luckily, a Norwegian national TV station was on hand to record the proceedings… 


After stunning the poker room Bruteig also came up with one of the poker quotes of the year to explain her take on the predicament: “I think they find it a little disturbing [the rest of the table]. It was lovely to take off my clothes because I was a little sweaty before.”

There’s not much to say to that. 

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