Win a €500 package to the Unibet UK Tour in our low stakes buy-in

We’ve got another €500 package up for grabs in our exclusive tournament

The Unibet UK Poker Tour is rocking up in some of the finest card rooms in the UK. The £220 Main Events offer a fantastic structure, with a £40k guarantee and a friendly atmosphere, and a full week of side events on top.

After the first two successful legs it’s heading to Brighton June 3-5, and you can win your €500 package (£220 seat and £130 expenses) in our exclusive buy-in. The prize will be added to the buy-ins.

You need a Unibet account to play so CLICK HERE to open one now.

1. How to play

If you don’t have a Unibet account, download the software from and set-up a real money account. You’ll get a £10 cash game ticket and a €4 UK Tour qualifier ticket for free

2. The tournament

  • Sunday May 22nd @ 7pm UK time
  • Name in lobby: PokerPlayer UK Tour Second Chance
  • Buy-in €4.50 + €0.50

3. The prizes

  • 1st: €500 UK Poker Tour package
  • Buy-ins will be paid out using the normal Unibet Poker structure

If you have any problems registering please just email us at so that we can help

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