Texas Hold’em Fold Up

There’s a new game in town where you get to see what everyone’s holding – and you can play it for free today…

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to improve your poker game without dipping into your bankroll, we’ve got just the ticket. Your Place for Fun is a new website that lets you play all your favourite casino games for free. What’s more, they’ve got a brand new format of poker that you can play and use to improve your real-money game.

What did you have?

When you watch poker on TV you get to see all the cards that are played – including the ones that are folded by all the other players. You also get to see whether other players were made to fold the winning hand. Texas Hold’em Fold Up gives you the same level of information – and lets you play against five cunning AI bots.

As soon as anyone folds a hand it’s displayed. So, if you’ve got a pair of Sixes and you see that two opponents have folded a Six, you don’t need to go set-mining on the flop and waste your valuable chips.

Similarly, you’ll see if you’ve been bluffed off a pot, or whether your hand was actually just way better than you actually thought.

You can play the game – and lots of other fantastic casino games like Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker, Roulette and Baccarat – on your desktop by going to www.yourplaceforfun.com. You can also get the Texas Hold’em Fold Up app on iPhone or Android.

You get 35,000 free credits to play with just for signing up, and you can add more each 24 hours by spinning a wheel that awards you anything up to an extra 2,500 credits. If you get unlucky you can also buy more credits – 500,000 costs just $0.99 or you can play the high-roller and buy five million chips for just $5.99!

It’s the only place that you can play the new Fold Up poker game at the moment, although there are exciting plans to take the game into the wider poker world.


We talk to Michael Baker, inventor of Texas Hold’em Fold Up:

When did you first get into poker?

Watching the World Poker Tour on TV about 9 years ago. I like that show as they have the cameras to show all the hole cards. It means I can see who’s bluffing and how each player plays their hand.

What’s your favourite type of poker?

Texas hold’em. I love it because the game changes so much as you go from the hole cards to the op, turn and river. Often, the person with the best hand after the op doesn’t have the best by the river.

Who is your favourite player?

Daniel Negreanu. He plays very well and does not let his emotions get the best of him.

Do you see Fold Up as more than an educational tool?

I do see the game now as a lot more than an educational game for the single player. It is fun and exciting for everyone from the poker pro to the average player.

Where do you see Hold’em Fold Up in the future?

I would like to see the top 30 poker players in the world play in a Texas Hold’em Fold Up TV tournament. Having all the players fold face-up would be exciting for the audience. I also want to see the game in casinos – it’s already been approved by both the Nevada and New Jersey gaming commissions.

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