Snapchat: Alex ‘Kanu7’ Millar on Gus Hansen, Isildur and fast food

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PokerPlayer: How is your 2014 going so far poker and life-wise?
Alex Millar: Bad start to the year poker-wise, lost over $600k in a session vs Blom and mainly playing $25/$50 so down a lot. Life going good though, fun trip to the PCA and my 5-a-side football team is going well! 

Are you beating Isildur lifetime or is he up on you?
I am beating him lifetime in terms of $$$s but he is beating me in terms of BBs, I have done better at the highest stakes we have played.  

Are you a little bemused that he is still seen as the Online Hero?
It makes sense, he basically instigated the craziest action online poker has ever seen. If you’re a fan you’re not gonna forget that even if he isn’t the very best at NLHE anymore. 

You’ve just signed with PokerStars. Will we be seeing more of you on the tourney circuit?
I’ll be more visible I guess but not by much, I still plan to mainly focus on online play where I can earn more than I would playing live tourneys. 

Do you care about things like a WSOP bracelet or is the respect of your online peers more important? 
Most important is just being happy with my career. I’ll take whatever results that gives me. Winning a bracelet isn’t a major goal, I didn’t even go to the WSOP last year. 

You’re a big Man Utd fan. Who is worse? Tom Cleverley or Gus Hansen? 
Haha! At football or poker? Maybe Tom Cleverley for both… 

Poor Tom. But what is up with Gus? Is he that bad?
He’s probably not bad, he just plays against the best in the world. He is a good ambassador for the game so credit to him for that.  

You wrote recently that you won $250k from Isildur and then had dinner with your girlfriend. Please tell us you didn’t take her to Nando’s….
We were eating in! That being said, I’m not averse to a Nando’s after any sort of winning day, they do good chicken! 

At PokerPlayer it’s always a half-chicken ‘hot’ with rice and coleslaw. 
You’re quite clearly a Nando’s fish! It’s all about a double fillet wrap with cheese and pineapple!

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