Snap chat: Craig McCorkell on the 2014 WSOP Main Event

PokerPlayer: Congrats on the 13th place finish in the Main Event! Where are your emotions now a month or so on?

Craig McCorkell: Obviously it’s a bit of a heartbreaker but you can only be happy with your performance, and I thought I played my best.

How hard is it to stay mentally focused playing for over a week straight with such pressure at the end?

I think as a poker player when you get to that point you’re just naturally so focused and in the zone. I didn’t struggle with it at all.

Was it exciting as you got close to the November Nine?

I don’t think I ever get excited deep in poker tournaments. I was actually more excited at night when I saw all the messages and was chatting to people.

Who do you think will win now?

I don’t really want to make any predictions. I’m good friends with Martin [Jacobson], so I hope he wins. He’s probably the best player left.

Away from the Main Event, who do you think will win the Premier League this year?

Chelsea. Maybe I’m biased but I really do think we’re strong this year. We’ve made some great signings and we have the best manager.

Out of the Chelsea squad who do you think would be the best poker player and the biggest fish?

Best player is probably Mourinho if I can include him. Biggest fish: Ivanovic. He’s a complete psycho.

You travel a lot with poker. What one city is a must-see?

I would probably say Melbourne. The vibe in the city is great and there are some great restaurants. The Fat Duck is moving there this winter so I’m excited about that!

Sounds amazing. On the circuit, who’s the toughest to play against?

I guess it comes down to who puts you in tough spots. I’d probably say Calvin Anderson is the toughest right now.

Finally, did you know that the person who brought hold’em to Las Vegas was called Felton ‘Corky’ McCorquodale?

Haha, I didn’t know that! I must be related to him somehow!

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