Snap chat: Ludovic Geilich on aggression and celebrating big wins

The poker world’s fastest interview with crazy Scot Ludovic Geilich – 140 characters max per answer

Looking back, what was 2014 like for you in poker and in life?
2014 was the most exciting poker year I’ve had. I went to so many great countries and had a blast! Life’s good, met a nice gal.

Where was the best place you played?
I really enjoyed Vienna, even though the poker didn’t go well! I loved the city and the venue was stunning!

You’ve got a reputation for being crazy aggressive in tourneys – is that well deserved?
Channel 4 did a great job of making me look insanely aggro, which was the case for most of my EPT London run, but I’m a lot more calculated.

You won UKIPT Marbella and finished fourth at EPT London in 2013. What was that like?
Marbella was so much fun and I was never short. London was my 2nd EPT and I learned a lot from Barca where I busted early and played badly.

Were you winning loads online before these two big scores?
I was consistently getting by but I had never had a big score, just lots of $6k wins, etc. I was still making decent money.

How did you celebrate the big wins?
After Marbs I got a table in a nightclub and took all the boys out! In London I took everyone to a nice restaurant and after that we had a really good time!

Lots of people get confused after seeing your name but hearing a Scottish accent. What’s your family background?
My mother is German and my father is Scottish. Father’s last name is Jonsen and I prefer that but I have to use Geilich as it’s on my German passport.

Last month fellow Scot Niall Farrell said that Scotland’s greatest export is whisky. What do you think?
LMFAO! I would have to agree!

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