Snap chat: Niall Farrell on whisky and Scottish independence

Niall Farrell in the world’s fastest poker interview – max 140 characters per answer

Did you watch the November Nine and what did you think?
I watched it when I woke up, and it was five-handed at that point. It was cool to see the three best players make the final three.

Is making the November Nine still the ultimate dream for any pro player?
For sure. Obviously it’s the biggest exposure/publicity, etc, but it’s also just basically the biggest first prize outside of the One Drop.

You’re a staple on the EPT Live feature table now. Why do you think the producers love showing you? Is it your hair?
Well, it can’t be my poker! Ha! I’m talkative and I like to think I can play a bit too so I suppose that’s a good TV combo.

You’re second in the Scotland all-time tournament winnings rankings behind David Vamplew. Are you friends? And how much do you want to overtake him?
I get on well with Vampy. He’s pretty far ahead and is a top player so overtaking would mean I won the Main or something – so that would work!

As a Scot what side were you on in the vote for independence?
I was a very vocal ‘Yes!’ supporter.

Has anything changed in Scotland since the election?
I think there’s a realisation as to how little the Westminster parties actually care about our interests. I’d wager my net [worth] that we will get independence in my lifetime.

Finally, what is Scotland’s finest export:
a) Sean Connery
b) Irn-Bru c) Whisky
d) David Vamplew?
Haha, where’s e) Niall Farrell?! Gotta be whisky though – sorry Vampy!

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