Snap Chat: Patrick Leonard

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You had a phenomenal 2014, including getting the world no.1 spot! What’s the secret of your success?

I study hard, I play a lot and I understand regular spots that occur better than other players. I can also make big calls and big folds.

And you seem to enjoy your final tables…

One of the reasons I’ve done so well is because of my record on final tables. I think others disregard ICM too much and let their egos take over.

Your biggest cash was in the $8m GNTD Sunday Million last year. How was that?

It was great. My friends were railing till 8am – we were high fiving every time I took somebody out. My housemate actually came 30th too.

Wow, that’s pretty incredible. What do you do to celebrate at that time in the morning?

Well I busted in ninth, went to my room and tried to sleep for 30 minutes, but we decided to just get an early lunch and a drink or six.

What are your goals for 2015? More live events?

I’ve actually gone back under the radar. I’ll play 95% cash games now and will go for Supernova Elite. I reached my MTT goals last year.

So for you it’s important to set yourself new challenges – it’s more than just winning the monies?

Yeah, poker isn’t going to be around forever. Setting ambitious yet achievable goals helps me keep the drive and hunger for the game.

So, Budapest… What made you turn your back on the brutal British winter to live out there?

Better weather, cheaper cost of living, better social life, good group of poker players. I’m now settled here and even own a bar.

Very nice! What’s it called? Have you put a shift in behind the bar?

It’s called Tuborg and it’s next to the Instant nightclub. I don’t have a license to serve beer so if I go behind the bar my manager shouts at me to get out.

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