Snap chat: Simon Deadman talks road trips and films

PokerPlayer: Congrats on the big Hollywood Poker Open win for $351,097! What was it like shipping such a big event out in Vegas?

Simon Deadman: Unbelievable feeling, can’t really describe it. Was probably more relief at finally getting a first this year.

How is it possible to finish second so much?

Variance I guess… But I try to look at the positives. I didn’t finish 3rd-9th on any of those final tables!

You used to grind the £1/£2 games at DTD. How have you kicked on from there to where you are now?

Just experience I think. I’ve been playing five to six years now and each year I feel I’m improving more.

Winning lots of cash in Vegas is all well and good but it can’t compare to DTD with Frankie & Benny’s?

It’s not quite as glamorous as Nottingham but we are doing our best to enjoy it anyway!

What three things should someone going to Vegas for the first time make sure they do?

  1. Play the Main!
  2. Watch Le Reve at the Wynn
  3. Walk from one end of The Strip to the other and back, incredible views (also Lake Mead)

That’s four, cheating! But we’ll let you off. You must have played against everyone in UK poker now. Who is toughest at cash/tournaments?

Cash games is Mitch Johnson, never won a penny off him. Tournaments is Chinese Franky, best in the world.

So what are you going to spend the money on? Don’t give the boring pro answer of just adding it to your bankroll…

I wish. Shola [my girlfriend] has plans for it! We’re now starting a two month trip driving from Vegas to New York, with lots of stops to see the sights!

Awesome! Final question. What is your favourite film?

  1. Dead Man Walking
  2. Dead Man Down
  3. Dead Man’s Shoes

Dead Man Down. It’s the only one that I’ve seen.

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