Poker strategy basics: Going pro

Do you want to be a poker pro? If you’re a consistent winner it might be tempting to ditch the day job, but you need to be prepared to work hard if you want to succeed

Being a poker pro might sound like your dream job, and there’s plenty to like about it. You’re your own boss, you can work when you want, for how long you want, and you get to travel the world playing for huge sums of money.

That’s the dream, but the reality is far less glamorous for the majority of pro players. As players have got better at the game, the edges have got smaller, and it’s not easy to survive on just your poker bankroll.

Plus, when you’re relying on poker to pay the bills and to eat, the game gets that much more stressful. We’re not trying to put you off here – it is still possible to make money from playing poker, enough to live comfortably on – but don’t kid yourself that it’s going to be easy.

Pros say that playing poker is ‘the hardest way to make an easy living’ and it’s true. You’ll need to dedicate yourself to the game and leave your ego behind if you want to make it. You’ll constantly have to improve your game and look for edges. The rewards can be huge though.

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