Compo! Can you play this hand from the London GUKPT better than Karl Mahrenholz?’s Karl Mahrenholz tests out your poker skills with this tough hand from a recent major tournament. Can you work out the best move?

Event: £1,000+80, GUKPT London
Stack: 70,000
Blinds: 200/400/a50

The situation

This hand comes from midway through Day 1 of the recent GUKPT London main event. I had been at the table since the start of the day. It had been generally a very good table but was getting progressively harder as new players moved onto it. I got a big double up with Kings early on and had been reasonably active without showing down any bad hands.

The action was folded to me on the button and I raised to 1,000. The small blind called out of a stack of 11k and action was on Alex Goulder in the big blind. He was playing a stack of around 40,000 and had only been at the table 20 minutes. I hadn’t played with Alex much before and didn’t know too much about his game. I knew him as a thinking player, who is no doubt creative, but not the craziest of the young guys (in my limited knowledge). He asked the SB how much he is playing before three-betting to 3,000. I called and the small blind folded. 

The flop came K-7-6, all hearts. Alex bet 3,000 without much delay and I called. The turn paired the Seven. Alex bet 7,500 again without too much thinking time and I called. The river was the Q. Alex thought for a long time before betting 12,500. What is my best play and why?


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