PokerPlayer’s Giant Trivia Challenge

Think you know your poker, do you? Well now’s your chance to prove it. We’ve put together a huge 50-question poker trivia challenge.

With questions on players, hands, history and PokerPlayer itself, the quiz will test the depth and breadth of your poker knowledge and separate the true fans from the trivia fish. You’ll find the answers in the October issue of PokerPlayer magazine which you can download for free by clicking here – no cheating!

Good luck!

Poker History

Q1) Poker as we know it developed in America in the early 19th century. But what is the oldest of these poker variants?

a) Texas hold’em

b) Omaha

c) Stud

d) Lowball


Q2) Which US president claimed to have funded his first political campaign with money he won playing poker?

a) Dwight Eisenhower

b) Herbert Hoover

c) Richard Nixon

d) Bill Clinton


Q3) Texas hold’em was first brought to las vegas casinos in the mid 1960s. Which was the first casino to offer the game to the public?

a) The Dunes

b) The Golden Nugget

c) Binion’s Horseshoe

d) The Stardust

e) The Venetian


Q4) The first WSOP was held in 1970. however, founder Benny Binion was inspired by an earlier festival held in Reno in 1969, which he relaunched at his own casino in Vegas. What was the name of this proto-WSOP?

a) The Nevada Poker Assembly

b) The American Poker Championships

c) The Reno Gambling Series

d) The Texas Gamblers Reunion


Q5) In what year was the world’s first online poker room, Planet Poker, officially launched?

a) 1997

b) 1998

c) 1999

d) 2000


The World Series

Q6) The World Series of Poker was first televised in what year?

a) 1973

b) 1978

c) 1982

d) 1998


Q7) Which of the following products/companies has NOT been an official sponsor of the WSOP?

a) Hershey’s chocolate

b) Gamma Labs testosterone boosters

c) Evitra erectile dysfunction medicine

d) Slim Jim beef jerky

e) All In purified water


Q8) Who is the youngest player to win a bracelet at the WSOP in Las Vegas?

a) Peter Eastgate

b) Annette Obrestad

c) Jeff Madsen

d) Steve Billirakis

e) Phil Hellmuth


Q9) Which professional poker player finished ninth in consecutive years in the WSOP Main Event?

a) Daniel Colman

b) Peter Eastgate

c) Mark Newhouse

d) Scott Montgomery


Q10) Who was the first and only woman to have reached the final table of the $10,000 WSOP Main Event?

a) Gaelle Baumann

b) Annette Obrestad

c) Barbara Enright

d) Maria Ho

e) Jennifer Harman


Q11) Which of these celebrity players has NOT cashed in a WSOP event?

a) Tobey Maguire

b) Matt Damon

c) Jason Alexander

d) Telly Savalas

e) James Woods


Q12) Which player’s over-the-top antics at the 2007 WSOP led to a new rule being introduced outlawing excessive celebration?

a) Mike Matusow

b) Hevad Khan

c) Phil Hellmuth

d) Tony G

e) Luke Schwartz

Say what?

For one point each, identify the source of these poker quotes…

Q13) ‘If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time’

Q14) ‘Just play every hand, you can’t miss them all’

Q15) ‘Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser’

Q16) ‘Nine high like a boss, big heart of a lion’

Q17) ‘You call, gonna be all over, baby’

Words and Terms

Q18) Which of these terms does NOT describe a poker strategy?

a) Floating

b) Bluffing

c) Triple-barrelling

d) Steaming

e) Set-mining


Q19) Which of these is NOT a nickname for a starting hand in Texas hold’em?

a) Hilton sisters

b) Alabama night riders

c) Anna Kournikova

d) Harry Potter

e) Dinner for two


Q20) Texas hold’em began its life as a regional variation of an earlier poker game, originally called what?

a) Hold Me Darling

b) Arizona Hold-up

c) Hold Your Horses

d) Alabama Hoe-Down


Q21) Which of these shy specimens is NOT a nickname for a famous poker pro?

a) Tuna

b) Salmon

c) Shark

d) Barracuda


Q22) Which of the following is NOT an established poker acronym you’d expect to find on a strategy forum? (For a bonus point, identify the other four.)






Hands & Odds

23) In an all-in pot in hold’em, the most dominated possible heads-up situation sees you as a massive 94% pre flop favourite to lose the hand. Which of these match-ups depicts this statistical worst-case scenario?



24) In a game of Badugi, four players hold the following hands. Which one wins?



25) If you hold pocket Kings in a nine-handed game of hold’em, what are the chances of one of your opponents holding Aces?

a) 1.8%

b) 2.7%

c) 3.5%

d) 4.1%


26) What hand is named after TJ Cloutier (because he flopped a straight flush with it three different times in one year)?

a) 10-J

b) J-9

c) J-Q

d) A-K



Q27) Of these towering legends of the game, who is (or was) the tallest?

a) Huck Seed

b) Phil gordon

c) Jack ‘treetop’ Straus

d) Daniel Negreanu


Q28) The inventor of the hole-card cam also had a hand in what popular consumer product?

a) The iPod

b) Transformers toys

c) Aibo robotic dogs

d) The Segway


Q29) Phil Hellmuth is considered by many to be the best tournament player alive. How many $/€10,000 buy-in events has he won in his career?

a) One

b) Three

c) Six

d) Eleven


Q30) Which of the following is not true of poker legend Daniel Negreanu?

a) He’s a committed vegan

b) He appeared in the film ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’

c) He became a US citizen so he could vote for Donald trump in this year’s US Presidential election

d) He went on the Millionaire Matchmaker TV dating show


Q31) Doyle Brunson’s classic poker book Super/System was originally self-published under the title ‘How I made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker.’ How much did Brunson sell one copy of the book for when he first released it?

a) $5

b) $20

c) $50

d) $100


Q32) Which player allegedly punched Phil Hellmuth in the face after a dispute in a high stakes cash game in the Horseshoe Casino?

a) Shawn Sheikhan

b) Thomas Wahlroos

c) Sam Grizzle

d) Michael Mizrachi


Q33) Who holds the record for most money won on a live twitch stream?

a) Jason Somerville

b) Doug Polk

c) Jason Mercier

d) Daniel Negreanu


Q34) Which two poker legends lost a chunk of money looking for the ship the Titanic, but also claim to have found a piece of Noah’s Ark?

a) Antonio Esfandiari & Phil Laak

b) Chip Reese & Doyle Brunson

c) Phil Hellmuth & Daniel Negreanu

d) Gus Hansen & Erick Lindgren

IdentIfy the odd man in these lists and why he doesn’t belong…


  • Phil Hellmuth
  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Barry Greenstein
  • Jason Somerville



  • Ivan Demidov
  • Griffin Benger
  • Jake Cody
  • Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier



  • Daniel Negreanu
  • Ted Forrest
  • Jeff Lisandro
  • John Juanda



  • Roland de Wolfe
  • Jake Cody
  • Jason Mercier
  • Davidi Kitai


Picture Round

For one point each, what poker films are seen here?


PokerPlayer Knowledge

42) Which of these poker pros has NOT appeared on the cover of PokerPlayer magazine?

a) Samantha Abernathy

b) Johnny Chan

c) Sorel Mizzi

d) Brian Townsend

e) Steve O’Dwyer


43) Which of the following people has NOT penned a regular column for PokerPlayer?

a) Phil Hellmuth

b) Sorel Mizzi

c) Jesse May

d) Roland de Wolfe

e) Victoria Coren


44)  Which UK music act did PokerPlayer once take on in a home game challenge?

a) The Streets

b) Goldie Lookin’ Chain

c) The Prodigy

d) Arctic Monkeys

e) Chvrches


45) Which person hasn’t been the editor of PokerPlayer magazine?

a) Dave Woods

b) Steve Hill

c) Mark Stuart

d) Alun Bowden

e) Ross Jarvis



Now you didn’t think we’d make it that easy did you! All the answers appeared in the October 2017 issue of PokerPlayer which you can download for free by clicking here

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