Spin & Gos: Top 10 tips

Spin the multiplier and then knuckle down and play for profit – it’s possible if you follow our top 10 tips

1: Play every game to win

You’ll find a lot of players that play recklessly on the minimum multipliers – they just want to gamble and get on with their quest to hit the jackpot and aren’t interested in wasting time on these games. Play tight on these and look to get your chips in as a 60/40 favourite or better.

2: Keep your cool

If you’re lucky enough to hit a big multiplier don’t play scared – and look for opponents who are. A lot of people will be terrified of making a mistake when they’re playing for the big money so it’s time to ramp up the aggression and exploit the weakness.

3: Big time

If you hit the jackpot take a deep breath and don’t panic – you’re only playing for potentially life-changing money!

4: Play the player

As soon as the game starts, try to profile your opponents as quickly as possible and adapt your game accordingly. If they’re wild and crazy, look for a big hand to trap them with. If they’re tight, play aggressively.

5: Get involved

Spin & Gos aren’t full ring and they’re not even six-max. You’re playing three-handed and the value of your hands is significantly higher. You should be raising and calling all-ins with a wider range of hands.

6: Respect the raise

Don’t just give your chips away. Especially at the lower levels, a raise on the river is a surefire indicator that your opponent has a strong hand. Unless you do too, let it go.

7: Position is power

Play position aggressively. It’s true in every game of hold’em and Spin & Gos are no different. Put the pressure on your opponents – especially passive players who like to call and play pots out of position.

8: Keep calm and carry on!

Spin & Gos can be infuriating to play when you get on a seemingly endless run of bad beats and coolers. Remember that you’re seeing so many all-ins you’re bound to think the world’s against you from time to time. It’s not. Keep playing solidly and don’t tilt.

9: Don’t chase losses

Play at a level that suits your bankroll. It can be really tempting to try to get your losses back at a higher table, but it’s a sure-fire way to bustoville.

10: It could be you!

Don’t expect to hit big multipliers very often. You’ll get the minimum prize pool over seven times out of ten and you’ll only hit the 3,600 multiplier one in every 100,000 games.

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