Your Call: How do you play pocket Aces when check-raised on the flop?

PokerPlayer’s cash game expert Ross Jarvis tests out your poker skills with this tough hand from a recent online session

  • GAME: Six-max online cash game
  • STACK: $203
  • BLINDS: $1/$2 

This hand comes from an online cash game session I played recently. An aggressive player in the cut-off raises to $6 and I three-bet on  the button with pocket Aces to $18. The blinds both fold and the initial raiser calls to see a 5-T-9♣ flop.

The Villain checks to me and I bet $22 into a $39 pot. The Villain then check-raises to $47 and I have a decision to make. I can definitely fold, call or raise all-in at this stage, but eventually elect to call. The turn is the T and the Villain checks for a second time. There is $133 in the middle and I have just over a pot-size bet left – $138. What should I do? If I bet, how much should I bet and why? If I am checking what is my plan on the river?

Send your answer to us by email ( or via Twitter @PokerPlayer365. The first correct answer drawn at random will receive a pack of PokerPlayer playing cards. Closing date for entries is March 4. The solution will appear in the next issue of PokerPlayer, which you can download for free here.


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