Your call: What would you do with pocket Kings in this online cash game hand?

Ross Jarvis puts you in control of a tricky cash game hand – what’s the best play and why?

GAME: Six-max online cash game
STACK: $1,096
BLINDS: $2/$4

SITUATION: This hand comes from an online cash game session I played recently. The table was a mixture of three winning pros and two recreational players. UTG, an aggressive reg, raises to $12 and I three-bet to $36 on the button with K-K♠. The small blind then cold four-bets to $106 (from a $785 stack) and the initial raiser folds. I have plenty of history with the SB and doubled him up a few minutes earlier when I five-bet shoved Nines into his Queens.

I decide just to call and the flop is 4-8-2. The SB bets $120 into $222 and I call. The turn is 5. The SB now bets $188 into $468. He has $371 behind. What do we do – call, fold or raise? And if we raise, what size should we make it?

Send your answer to us by email ( or via Twitter @PokerPlayer365. The first correct answer drawn at random will receive a pack of PokerPlayer playing cards. Closing date for entries is January 17. The solution (and the winner) will appear here on January 27.


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