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Live poker’s all about the eyes. They give off the most reliable tells and they can also fix you with a piercing death stare which can make even the toughest poker player wilt. Can you recognise this famous poker player’s eye? The first two to get it right win a PKR Live Cannes Quarter Final satellite seat worth $6.

Weekend Giveaway 12th Sept 2014

If no-one has guessed correctly by 3pm we’ll reveal more of this poker player’s face.

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Weekend Giveaways are your chance to start the poker weekend with a bang. We’ll set a question on Friday using our Twitter and Facebook pages – all you need to do is give us your best answer to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

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Until mid-October the prizes will be two tickets to the PKR Live Cannes Quarter Final worth $6 each. You will need to have a PKR account to claim the prize – if you don’t have one then just click HERE.

We will also post the same question every Friday on our website and you can email your reply to for entry.

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