Watch David Haye challenge Full Tilt pros at Rush Poker… at 100mph!

The ex-heavyweight champ proves he’s got bottle as he takes on the Full Tilt Rush Poker challenge!

No, you read the headline correctly. To celebrate the fact that you can now play turbo-charged Rush Poker on its own app, Full Tilt persuaded the ex-heavyweight champ of the world David Haye to take on two Full Tilt pros – Ben Jenkins and Sinem Melin – at their own game, with one big caveat. The challenge was to see how many hands of Rush Poker the three could play while being driven round a racetrack in a flash (and fast) Lamborghini! David Haye starts off confidently enough, but ends the challenge looking rather worse for wear.

If you haven’t played Rush Poker yet, it’s the perfect game for a quick-fix or for action junkies. Whether you’re playing a cash game or a tournament, you’ll join a pool of players and face a different table every hand you play. Don’t like the hand you’ve been dealt? Just fold and you’ll be rushed to a new table for the next hand immediately. 

If that’s not enough for you, you can also try Adrenaline Rush – four-handed ring games where all the action takes place preflop. You can buy-in for between five and ten big blinds, and can only raise or fold (unless you’re facing a raise greater than your stack size or the cap has been reached).

You can play Rush Poker on the Full Tilt client, or on the new dedicated app – available on iOS via the App Store or by visiting on your Android device.  

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