Are you ready for Full Tilt Poker’s new Flipout tournaments?

Full Tilt Poker have been masters of innovation in the past, introducing concepts like running it twice, Rush poker and Cashout tournaments to the online poker world. The powers that be at Tilt today unveil yet another innovation; Flipout tournaments. 

Each multi-table Flipout tournament starts with a unique twist – all players will be forced all-in in the very first hand. This will usually determine a single ‘winner’ from that table, with all table winners then playing out the rest of the tournament in a conventional MTT style.  The best news? If you make it past the first all-in flip you will automatically be in the money! 

Sarne Lightman, Full Tilt’s head of marketing, said, “The time saving of a Flipout is obvious, but a bit less obvious is what happens after the flip round. You’ll be in the money of a potentially large tournament and nobody has actually played a hand yet. This means the average skill level when you hit the money will be the same as the average skill level at the start of the tournament, which is very different from a standard tournament.”

The first Flipout tournaments on Full Tilt Poker start today and to celebrate the launch Full Tilt are also hosting a Flipout Festival this weekend, Friday March 21 – Monday March 24, consisting of 108 tournaments and $25,000 in added cash. 

What do you think of Flipout tournaments? Are they a cool innovation for online poker? Or just one big gamble? Let us know on Twitter @PokerPlayerUK and if you play a few of them give us your feedback. Good luck – especially with the coinflips! 

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