10 Years of PokerPlayer: Our top 10 poker features

1. Mike Matusow: Sex, drugs and on parole, Aug 2006

As the fantastic writer Michael Kaplan put it in one of the most revealing interviews ever: ‘The Matusow story is rife with drug abuse, two-faced friends, overly aggressive cops, topless dancers, a couple of weeks in prison, and a grown man who still thinks like a boy.’ CLICK TO READ

2. Sexton on Ungar, Sep 2006

We spoke to good friend of Ungar’s, Mike Sexton, who was there when Ungar came off the rails spectacularly. His description of the time Ungar was holed up in a downtown motel in Vegas stone broke is a warning for any poker player drunk on excess. CLICK TO READ

3. Hillythefish takes on the world, Oct 2007

When we launched PokerPlayer we took a poker n00b and spent a year training him to take on the 2007 WSOP Main Event. HillyTheFish ended up on the TV table in a huge hand with ex-world champ Joe Hachem and busted on Day 3 cruelly short of the money. CLICK TO WATCH

4. Chip Reese by Doyle Brunson, Jul 2008

When Chip Reese died Doyle Brunson lost one of his best and longest friends. Brunson honoured him in the perfect tribute to one of the best all-round poker players of all time. CLICK TO READ

5. Trash Talk, Nov 2005

Our first backpage columnist was lad’s mag writer Grub Smith who took an unconventional view of poker. Smith recommended losing players get their money’s worth by baiting Americans. ‘Think of it as free therapy. All day long, you get stress at work, on public transport or in traffic, and by the time you get home you have a build-up of rage inside you. Why pay a shrink to help you ‘manage’ this anger when you can pour it joyously, like molten lead from a battlement, over people who live 4,000 miles away?’ CLICK TO READ

6. Small-ball Masterclass, July 2009

Daniel Negreanu is top of poker’s all-time money list and he got there by playing small-ball poker. Follow in his footsteps with his own winning tips. CLICK TO READ

7. Do you believe in Magic? Mar 2014

Antonio Esfandiari won $18m in the first Big One for One Drop tournament and talked about his mega-win here, along with a bold prediction that he would win it again in 2014. Spoiler: He didn’t. CLICK TO READ

8. The new game in town, Sep 2014

Lots of the world’s top pros started playing a new game that was sweeping the poker world. Find out why open-face Chinese poker is so attractive for poker’s biggest names. CLICK TO READ

9. The return of the Mouth, Oct 2014

Mike ‘The Mouth’ is back and he’s angry! Matusow unloads on Full Tilt’s Howard Lederer among others in this explosive interview. CLICK TO READ

10. Live the stream! Apr 2015

Jason Somerville is leading the Twitch revolution and you can find out why he thinks the WSOP is getting it all wrong here. CLICK TO READ

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