$600 Full Tilt giveaway: The winners!

The five lucky winners have been picked – now they just need to win the MTOPS main event on Sunday

If you’re sick of hearing about the high-stakes exploits of the world’s biggest poker players, MTOPS is for you. The Micro Turbo Online Poker Series from Full Tilt is a series of 75 micro and low-stakes events with an incredible $1m up for grabs. All 75 of the events are played under Full Tilt’s exclusive Multi-Entry Tournament format which enables you to multi-table a single event. For example, in the $500k guaranteed main event you can buy-in a maximum of eight times, meaning that you can play the same tournament with eight different active tables. This gives you a much better chance of making it into the serious money. But, before you start dreaming of a final table consisting of eight of you and one other player, that’s not how it works. If you end up with more entries than there are tables left in the tournament, two of your stacks will be merged.

Compo winners!

MTOPS is drawing to a close but there are still plenty of events to play in, including the big one, the $500k guaranteed main event, which plays out Sunday evening. The following five players won our competition and all have the maximum number of bullets for the tourney – eight shots at main event glory. We’ll be following them Sunday night and hopefully reporting on a deep run or a PokerPlayer win on Monday.  

  • ElMeak
  • luckholder1
  • Razorheart
  • 7ridley
  • jim5432


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