PokerPlayer Top 5: Sam Trickett hands

On Monday March 10 PokerPlayer were the first to break the news of Sam Trickett’s landmark sponsorship deal with Everest Poker. One of the biggest stars in today’s game, Trickett has cashed for over $20m in tournaments throughout his poker career and regularly crushes cash games around the world.

It got us thinking about some of the hands that have netted him that vast fortune. Unfortunately there are no big Macau cash game hands online – for some reason nobody thought to get their iPhones out and hit record as those Hong Kong dollars hit the felt…

Luckily there are plenty of other great Sam Trickett hands to be enjoyed, and here’s our top five…

5. Sam Trickett vs. The Devilfish – PartyPoker Big Game

Not many poker players can get the better of the Devilfish in a battle of speech play. Trickett manages to Hollywood and confuse his illustrious opponent so much that he ends up getting a call from effectively third pair. Mind you, there was a teeny white lie in there too..

4. Sam Trickett vs. Jason Mercier – Aussie Millions Cash Game

Playing for six-figure sums, Trickett peels a large Jason Mercier three-bet with Q-8. After calling the flop, Trickett bets the turn and river, taking down a hefty pot. But was he bluffing or value-betting? Only he knows…

Apologies for the hyper commentator, if he’s too enthusiastic for you just stick it on mute…

3. Sam Trickett vs. David ‘Viffer’ Peat – PartyPoker Big Game

We all know the 7-2 game right? Had Viffer pulled off this bluff with his 7-2, every player at the table would have owed him £1,000. Luckily for Trickett and the rest, the new Everest Poker man finds one hell of a hero call…

2. Sam Trickett vs. Igor Kurganov – Aussie Millions $250k Challenge

Sam Trickett and Igor Kurganov saw a flop in the Aussie Millions Super High Roller with the Brit a massive underdog to lose a big pot. Luckily that famous Trickett run good appeared at the perfect time, in the form of a straight flush! Trickett went on to win the tournament for A$2m.

1. Sam Trickett vs. Brian Rast – WSOP Big One for One Drop

This gets the number one spot for pure theatre and drama. In the biggest tournament in the history of the game, Trickett and Brian Rast play out an epic cooler. The stunned reaction of the commentators, players and the crowd tell you just how incredible this hand was. Largely thanks to shipping this pot, Trickett made it to heads-up where he lost to Antonio Esfandiari. Thankfully second place was still worth over $10m!

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