Top 5: Poker resolutions for the new year guaranteed to make you a better player

With the new year well under way we look at five things to work on if you want to improve your game over the next 12 months

1. Learn a new game

No-limit hold’em is getting tougher every year so the smart move is to learn one of the more obscure games such as stud or draw poker. The trouble is no-limit is just so tempting. Damn you temptation!

2. Stop playing drunk

They really need to start fitting breathalysers to computers. We’ve all suffered from coming in from a night out and blowing off at least a couple of buy-ins. Just don’t do it!

3. Play more satellites

Satellites to big tourneys can make you big bucks. Your risk-to-reward ratio is sexier than Megan Fox and you don’t need to stick to the EPTs – you can also satellite into £100 tournaments.

4. Ditch the hoodie

Before you go out stop and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you have an Ed Hardy hoodie on? Are you over 25, balding and a bit overweight? Change immediately.

5. Bankroll up

We’ve all been guilty of not leaving a proper bankroll in our accounts, but it’s terrible for your game. Play properly rolled (min 20 buy-ins for cash, 100 for tourneys) and watch your game soar!
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