Lacay wins EPT San Remo

Ludovic Lacay can finally call himself an EPT champion after the 27-year-old Frenchman took down this year’s €5,300 EPT San Remo Main Event for €744,910. Regarded throughout the poker world as one of the best players never to win a major title, Lacay has been a regular on the EPT since season four and already has eight cashes and one previous final table appearance. 

“It feels pretty good,” Lacay said after his win. “It’s the accomplishment, getting there and beating all the players. When you start a tournament you aim for the first place but you never expect it. Here I am, it’s amazing.”
After a long and gruelling final table, the heads-up battle between Lacay and Canadian Jason Lavallee didn’t last long. Despite being chip leader at the start of the day, when it was down to two, Lavallee was always chasing Lacay. The final hand saw Lacay dealt Qs-Th and Lavallee’s 8c-6c. Following an action flop, Lacay had top two pair and Lavallee a flush draw and it wasn’t long before all the chips were in the middle. By the time all five cards had been seen, Lacay had made his full house and that was that.

Here is how the final table finished up:

1. Ludovic Lacay, France, €744,910 
2. Jason Lavallee, Canada, €538,089 
3. Artem Litvinov, Russia, €283,000 
4. Angelo Recchia, Italy, €225,000 
5. Jason Tompkins, Ireland, €171,000 
6. Micah Raskin, USA, €132,000
7. Adrian Piasecki, Poland, €96,000 
8. Ismael Bojang, Germany, €65,450 
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