PokerSnowie: Put yourself on top of the class

PokerSnowie, the world’s most powerful poker coaching tool, is back with a bigger brain, lots of shiny new features and a subscription model to suit every budget

There are lots of different ways to improve your game. You’re reading one of them right now in fact, but what if you want a more hands-on approach to honing your poker skills?

PokerSnowie is a powerful piece of neural network training software that was trained following Game Theory optimal principles. if that sounds like it’s beyond you, forget the jargon. It’s basically a really strong Ai engine that plays a style that’s really hard to exploit. it can help you weed out mistakes in your game. And it makes learning fun again.

Johannes Levermann, the brains behind PokerSnowie, explained Game Theory optimal poker as: ‘A style which means you play independently of your opponents. You just play very good poker. It’s as if you have never seen your opponent and have no data on them at all, and you always play the same. It’s a very powerful strategy that means nobody can exploit you.’

If it sounds clever, it is. We’ve been using PokerSnowie for the past 12 months and it’s definitely helped us find and eliminate some critical flaws in our game.

No-limit hold’em is an extremely complex game though. It’s nowhere near being solved and PokerSnowie hasn’t been resting on its laurels while we’ve been putting it through some very rigorous testing. Instead it’s been training itself 24/7 on a large computer cluster and improving. It’s now played trillions of hands and its new poker brain was uploaded late last year, with improved analysis and a much better game.

Seek and destroy

PokerSnowie has also added four advanced filters that enable you to analyse your play much more accurately. You can now:

  1. Filter by position – to find out how you do in the blinds, the button or the cut-off.
  2. Filter by outcome – so you can choose to review just losing hands, for example. You can even specify an amount in big blinds.
  3. Filter by actions – so you could select hands that were raised, and study situations where you faced three and four-bets.
  4. Filter by hole cards – so you can find out what you do with certain hands.

You can combine all of these filters to focus on the area of your game that you think you need extra help with.

Perhaps the biggest change though is in the subscription plans. There’s a big difference between recreational players and high-stakes pros, and pokersnowie now offers three separate price plans to suit every bankroll.

Weekend warrior

The starter subscription is $34.99 a year, which works out at just $2.92 a month. For this you can ‘Challenge pokersnowie’ (and get real-time advice). If you struggle with applying abstract strategy to your game, this is a fun way to learn without feeling like you’re back at school. You can also browse all of your hands, access detailed stats on your play, upload 500 real-money hands a month for analysis and set-up 100 scenario evaluations each month. You can use this to recreate your live hands and even test your moves against the pros with your favourite televised hands.


The intermediate subscription gives you everything from the starter pack, but with analysis on up to 8,000 real-money hands and 1,200 scenario evaluations every month. You also get access to preflop advice, which shows you all the possible configurations from a single visual display. Intermediate costs $99 a year ($8.25 a month).

The pro

If you’re a pro you’ll know that edges in poker are getting harder to find all the time. For $229.95 ($19.16 a month) you can upload 120,000 real-money hands a month for analysis and get 3,000 scenario evaluations. You also get advanced hand range and range advice.

Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates is one of the most successful high stakes players of all time and is a big advocate of the PokerSnowie software. Cates played the older version in a heads-up match over 1,500 hands and PokerSnowie came out practically even. It identified 32 major errors in Jungleman’s game – not bad against someone who’s won over $10m at the high stakes cash tables against the best players in the world.

If you haven’t already tried PokerSnowie, you can download a 30-day trial now which gives you access to 2,000 ‘Challenge PokerSnowie’ hands, with live advice, and analysis of up to 3,000 real-money hands. You also get a preview of PokerSnowie’s advanced features. what are you waiting for? Tap into the future now.

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