Final Grand Prix 7 Leaderboard

It’s all over. Have you made the top 20?

What a series! This year’s Grand Prix saw almost 700 of you wage battle with Team PokerPlayer, and we hate to say it but you showed us who’s boss. Sadly though it’s all over, bar the live grand final on October 22, so who will be joining us at the Empire Casino?…

Congratulations to scOOp129 on taking down event 8 for the final seat and $508. scOOp129 joins past champs RODDING, Sammy.John, TonyBBP, PLWashy, nikkaysayhi, Geo10logic and SmokeNuke inside the winners’ circle. See you all in London!

But commiserations go to hibbo69 who, despite a final table in event 8, is this year’s Grand Prix bubble boy. As for the rest of you, we hope to see you again next year and thanks for making PokerPlayer Grand Prix 7 such a success.

Those who have guaranteed their seats in London will be contacted by over the next few days with more details. Good luck!


1. leobarl1  (205)
2. AJDUK34 (198)
3. superman85_x (187)
4. LayerCkeBBP (185)
5. jansen1978 (171)
6. jolly_67  (165)
T7. kingkebabb  (164)
T7. kpax11 (164)
9.  Hiachan (161)
10. PLhen  (160)
11. FixxeR8  (155)
12. -GHOP-  (154)
13. golly-51 (151)
14. Reffnab  (146)
15. ourkidsid1 (143)
T16. Numberbod  (142)
T16. nellster91 (142)
18. betu2riv1 (139)
19. bwinmanager (139)
20. myd0gm0lly1 (138)



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