Grand Prix 6 Final Leaderboard

Click here to see if you made it to the live London final!

After five months, ten freerolls and a whole lot of shoves, folds and tears the PokerPlayer Grand Prix 6, in association with, is finally over!

The live final – with a whopping $10,000 up for grabs – takes place on Saturday, September 4 at the Sportsman Casino in London. Qualifying automatically are the ten freeroll winners:

Freeroll #1: dib1967
Freeroll #2: ChihaoIP
Freeroll #3: millymoo78
Freeroll #4: jokanovich
Freeroll #5: honker
Freeroll #6: Jokin161
Freeroll #7: halowa
Freeroll #8: navtech
Freeroll #9: hillsde2
Freeroll #10: HAMMER111

Joining them in the final will be the top 30 finishers in the Grand Prix leaderboard. As there is a dead heat for 30th and 31st place, both players will qualify for the live final. Here is the all-important top 30:

1. AceOn5th, 183pts
2. agincourt, 174pts
3. Rocky2602, 171pts
4. Isneezew, 168pts
5. tomizzy, 163pts
6. FiXXXeR88, 159pts
7. sj31, 158pts
8. k-pax1, 155pts
9. suprwmble, 152pts
10. Coo1shark, 150pts
11. pukkam, 149pts
12. NelsonKo1, 147pts
13. tobo09, 147pts
14. carju11, 146pts
15. ThinkerJEx, 143pts
16. BuddieTom, 142pts
17. xTHECATx, 141pts
18. al6190, 141pts
19. cefa1, 140pts
20. nuts68, 138pts
21. unevno09, 137pts
22. ParlourMan, 136pts
23. Ralphmore, 136pts
24. Bigstudmuf, 132pts
25. robbosaces, 132pts
26. hotlava, 131pts
27. morgan20, 130pts
28. ssmith07, 130pts
29. pendo1, 130pts
=30. bromley04, 128pts
=30. SlicksterB, 128pts

Congratulations to all those that made it to the live final – we look forward to seeing you in September!

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