Isildur1 cancels ‘Big Game Poker’ as told by Eddie Hearn

The real reason why Isildur1 isn’t appearing on PartyPoker Big Game IV, as told by Matchroom CEO Eddie Hearn

Matchroom Poker’s latest TV production Big Game IV picked up an unprecedented amount of online publicity in the last few weeks when it was announced that the mythical online poker player Isildur1 would appear on the show.

At the weekend however it was revealed on Tony G’s blog that Isildur1 had cancelled, leaving many to speculate it was all just a publicity stunt. Eddie Hearn, CEO of Matchroom Poker talked exclusively to to reveal the real reasons why Isildur1 refused to show his face on TV…

‘I first got into contact with Isildur four or five months ago when everything was kicking off.’

I spotted right away that Isildur was causing some unbelievable coverage and noise. I wanted him to be part of our events. I got in touch with him but he just wasn’t interested at all. I don’t know whether this is because of a tax issue in Sweden – which it sounds like it probably is – but I wanted him in our events.

Over the last couple of months Tony G started to talk to him. Isildur has obviously been struggling a little bit online, even though he’s made a comeback now but Tony G offered him a seat in this game on a 50/50 basis staking him. Isildur replied to Tony and we have got emails and all kinds of correspondence from him saying that he will be there, he’s bringing his friends and thank you very much. But somewhere down the line someone has got into him [and made Isildur change his mind]. I don’t know if its another site, his manager or whatever but Isildur sent Tony an email on Thursday last week saying, ‘I’m really sorry to let you down but I can’t come’.

I phoned Isildur up and he told me that first of all he thought the game was bigger, he thought it was a £100k sit-down. Secondly, he’s got a driving test on Tuesday and a crash course on Sunday and Monday. This wasn’t a lie! This is just a kid.

‘The Swedish national press were coming over.’

Isildur also told me more importantly that he was just a bit concerned with how big and crazy it had all gone. All the Swedish press were in contact with him and even the national press were talking about coming over to this event and covering him. I think that intimidated him quite a lot.

‘Everyone knows who Isildur is.’

I haven’t got to tell you who Isildur is – everyone knows who Isildur is – but if he came to this event he would have played in a mask as Isildur so you wouldn’t have actually got to see his face. Until he comes out and says officially, ‘I am him’, theres not a lot of value to a site sponsoring him. PartyPoker aren’t really that way inclined in signing pros but a PokerStars or Full Tilt would love to sign him.

‘I want Isildur in the Premier League.’

Outside of the poker community nobody has ever heard of Isildur but inside of the poker community the guy is a myth and a legend. I told him on the phone I want you in the next Premier League. In time, there is too much money involved for him not to come out. We are looking at having a $250k buy-in next year for the Premier League and that’s more his cup of tea.

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