Jon Spinks is young and looking to make it big in poker. We found out how: “I’m aiming to become a very good all-round player and specialise in mixed games”

Jon ‘Bas’ Spinks is a 19 year-old from Exeter in Devon that looks destined for big things

The rise of young, internet-made players in the poker world is incessant. You know the story, guys (and gals) that are too young to play the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, but that have already clocked up hundreds of thousands of hands worth of experience online.

Despite not making the 21 year-old minimum to play live poker in the US, players such as Mike McDonald, Jeff Williams and of course, WSOPE winner Annette Obrestad, continue to tear it up online and in live tournaments in Europe and the Caribbean.

Latest on the PokerPlayer radar is a young Brit called Jon Spinks, who plays online as ‘Bas’

Jon’s beginnings in the game fit the typical story, but the 19 year-old from Exeter looks to be on a trajectory that will take him right to the top of poker.

Notable feathers already in his cap are an FTOPS win for $48,000 beating a field of 1,075; a $85,000 score for third in a WCOOP $215 6-max tourney; a third in ECOOP 7 for over $8,000; and live success with a final table at the Newcastle Virgin Poker Festival.

Spinks started playing poker in November 2006 after turning 18. He began with depositing $150 on Ladbrokes, playing $1 to $5 MTTs.

As Jon says, “it was just a bit of fun to pass nights whilst at college. It only became serious from about April 2007 onwards, and started to affect my studies.”

From this beginning Jon has become very single-minded about his poker, and is is looking to develop his game at every turn. And you can tell he means business when he runs down his game selection.

“I like to mix up my games and I regularly change. I play $1/$2 NL 6 max, $3/$6 – $5/$10 limit 6 max, and then also I like to play limit Razz, Omaha hi/lo and H.O.R.S.E. between $5/$10 and $20/$40, all on PokerStars and Full Tilt.”

So that’s the cash side of things taken care of, what about tournaments?

“On the tournament side, I try and play most of the big Sunday tournaments across the networks, during the week I’ll play quite a few most nights, but I’m trying to reduce how many I play!”

“I’m aiming to become a very good all-round player and specialise in mixed games.”

Here at PokerPlayer we always bang on about the importance of forums in improving your play, and Jon has taken that advice to heart. Jon’s association with the Eat My Stack poker forum has been hugely beneficial.

“Eat My Stack was where I started the journey. I got a load of helpful advice when I first started off there, now I try and repay the members of the forum with my help wherever I can, through making videos, tuition, and just posting on the forum regularly.”

“I owe a lot to Tony (Ramchip, head honcho at EMS) as he’s done so much for me and what he has done for EMS is beyond words.”

As more and more opportunities open up to young poker players, Jon is keen keep both his online and live games bubbling.

“I don’t think I have a preference, the great thing about online, is that I can multi-table, watch TV, surf the internet etc, so I’m always busy. Live poker can drag on, but I really enjoy it, especially when you get a talkative table.”

“The biggest problem for me is the travelling involved with having to play live, as Exeter does not have a cardroom.”

With Exeter not being able to satisfy Jon’s live poker cravings, his sights are firmly fixed on this year’s World Series of Poker Europe in London

“I’ll be going to WSOPE, probably playing the H.O.R.S.E. and the smaller NLHE event if they go ahead with it.”

“I’m disappointed with the decision to make the WSOPE main event £10k, I think it prices out far too many players and I don’t think that’s what the Main Event should be about.”

As for the secret of his success Jon is understandably reluctant to give up too much information.

“My approach will be just like any other tournament, for the H.O.R.S.E., I’ll be getting involved in my stronger games, and sitting back in the weaker ones, and in the NLHE.. well, that would be giving my game away, wouldn’t it?”

With the results Jon has already posted and his burning ambition within the game, it’s only a matter of time before we here much, much more.

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