Vanessa Rousso talks exclusively to PokerPlayer about her rise through the professional poker ranks: “I used to become very emotional when I got knocked out”

We talk to one of the rising stars of the tournament scene Miami law student Vanessa Rousso

Being a woman – and being under – estimated all the time – can take its toll psychologically. But, whatever happens, no one can take away the fact that I won a WPT event. That’s what made it such a great moment.

Of course I want to be oneof the best overall, but if I am only measured against other women, then I can’t avoid that. If it’s going to be that way, then I’d like to break into the top-three of the all-time women money list.

I used to become very emotional when I got knocked out [of a tournament]. It hurt so much at the time. But now – especially being a woman – I’ve made it a priority to have emotional control. These days, I just roll with the punches.

In 2006, my best moment was winning the $5,000 Borgata Open. The hand that I won on was very difficult. I actually called with third pair and it was a huge pot. He made a monster bluff with 8-high. When I won, I started crying. Then I looked around and all the guys in the audience started to get a tear in their eyes – it was funny!

When you play as many tournaments as I do, nothing really surprises me anymore. As long as I try my best, it’s okay. When I make a mistake, I get mad at myself. I never get upset with people when they make donkey moves; I want them to make mistakes because I know that in the long run, that’s what’s going to make me money.

I think 2007 will definitely top last year, monetarily for sure. I like to set realistic goals. A TV table during the WSOP would be nice and winning a WPT $10k or making the top three would be great.

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