Friday Giveaway: 2014 resolutions

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have had the chance to join in with our Friday Giveaways. Each week we pose a question and award prizes to the best responses we get. Last week we asked the following question and promised a pack of PokerPlayer playing cards for the best three responses: 

‘What are your poker resolutions for 2014?’

Thanks to everyone who responded, including PokerPlayer contributor Karl Mahrenholz for the following tweet: ‘To amass the largest possible collection of unique playing cards, then sell them to pay for my poker losses. #winning’.

Here are this week’s lucky winners – we’ll be in touch to arrange delivery of your fantastic playing cards shortly. If you didn’t win, look out for another giveaway tomorrow lunchtime. 

James Gillan
To win my pub league!! But i think the only way i will do that is by banning everyone else and playing on my own!

Anthony Oldfield
I’m looking to grind it up from $80 to $8,000, starting @ $2NL and moving up to $25NL by March 2014. 

Graham Williamson
To stop ranting at the telly when playing poker and concentrate on ranting at my bad beats. Much more productive.


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