You could star in the next episode of PokerStars TV show Shark Cage

If you want to play poker on TV against your poker idols then qualifying for PokerStars show Shark Cage is going to be your best bet. Satellite qualifiers are running now on – the top 50 finishers in each of those will have a unique chance of appearing on the show alongside players such as Phil Laak, Lex Veldhuis, Jennifer Harman and Tony Dunst

Each of the 50 highest placed finishers from the qualifiers will then be invited to submit an audition tape to PokerStars – the chosen player/s will then compete in the next episode of Shark Cage at the EPT Grand Final in luxurious Monte Carlo! The winner will have the chance to win a massive $1m! 

Details on the show’s format, prizes and lineup are still being kept under great secrecy but we do know that commentary kings James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton are back, a shot clock is involved and there will also be some nonsense where players get locked in a cage. Sounds, err, different. Shark Cage must be commended though for attempting to bring the fun back into TV poker, in the midst of many shows that now seem aimed more at a 2+2 grinder than the common, everyday poker fan. 

We’ll have a full review of Shark Cage once the first episodes finally air but see what your early impressions of the show are from this short preview clip: 

Do you think Shark Cage looks like the nuts? Or are you worried it will be another TV poker blow-up? Let us know on Twitter @PokerPlayerUK. 

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