Go Faster on the cash tables with Winamax

Popular site Winamax has added their speed poker offering with GO FAST

As soon as a player chooses to fold (whether it’s their turn to act or not), they are randomly moved to a new table, facing new opponents and are dealt new cards, all without having to wait for their turn or the end of the hand. In this way it’s possible to play hundreds of hands an hour without getting bored or needing to open dozens of tables!

You can find yourself inside a race car speeding along an American highway, where the game is punctuated by audible and visual effects that accompany your most important moments (all-ins, big hands and even the loss of a buy-in). With GO FAST, players are immersed in a more intense and pulse-quickening form of poker with a totally unique design and ambience. All this is further enhanced with the option to lean back and listen to any of the 13 radio stations showcasing an eclectic mix from the hits of “Pop Cruising”, passing through the techno beats of “Turbo” before arriving at hip-hop, RnB, punk, house…

Real money micro-limits launch

GO FAST is available for real money at NLHE 6-max tables and at the limits €0.01/€0.02, €0.02/€0.05, €0.05/€0.10, €0.10/€0.20 and €0.25/€0.50. On the home screen, players can choose the stakes they wish to play (from €2 to €50), the number of simultaneous games they want and the number of big blinds they wish to start with!

With a maximum of 4 simultaneous tables open, GO FAST adapts naturally to mobile play. Guaranteed fun in all circumstances!

For more information about GO FAST, including the options and videos available to players can be found on Winamax HERE

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