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How do you like to communicate with your favourite gambling websites? In a recent survey, one in five said that they preferred live chat, which delivers information quickly instead of having to hold on the phone or wait for an email response.

It’s even easier that you might think to add live chat to your site with BoldChat. All you have to do is insert a small snippet of HTML code onto your site to get started.  

Why BoldChat?

If you’re ready to add a live chat facility to your site you might wonder why you should choose BoldChat over its competitors. The fact is that there isn’t much difference between one live chat product and another – everyone essentially supplies the same product.

Anybody that tells you they can deliver technical superiority isn’t focused on the factors that can truly drive business results. Does that mean BoldChat’s technology isn’t top-notch or innovative? No, it simply means that the differences that will ultimately matter to your business don’t fall under that heading.

Here are 5 that do…

1. Customer commitment

You can expect personal, fast, and effective support. For two years in a row, 96% of BoldChat customers say the support they receive is good or excellent.

2. Research

BoldChat invests a lot of money in understanding how to optimize live chat. The research has led to product improvements and documented best practices.

3. eCommerce expertise

BoldChat serves 24 of the Internet Retailer Top 500 and 85 of the second 500, making them the #2 provider among the 1,000 largest eCommerce sites.

4. Focus on the agent

BoldChat acknowledges that the success of a live chat session has more to do with the agent than with the software they use. This philosophy helps shape the BoldChat software with features and updates that make agents more efficient.

5. Value

BoldChat offers a hugely competitive and fully scaleable and flexible solution, to cater for a huge range of websites.

Finding the right live chat software for your website is easy with BoldChat. What’s more, you can try it out for free today for ten days, and sample the benefits it can deliver to your site without commitment.

Get your free 10-day trial of BoldChat now!


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